My poor baby is sick cont………….

We took him to the doctor and it was the quickest office visit yet. The dr. said he has a nervous stomach. He has lots of reasons to have one. It started last March when our friend/therapist was killed in a car accident. She meant a lot to our family. She went to church with us and even when she wasn’t seeing our kids I could call her any time I needed her. I really miss her a lot.

That was just the beginning of our year. In April my husband was in a very tragic accident. There were several several wrecks along that stretch of highway that day and traffic was slowing down so he started slowing down and needed in the other lane because his exit was coming up and at the exact moment he looked to see if he could get over a mini van caught on fire and traffic came to an immediate stop and my husband hit a motorcycle which hit 2 more……my husband went airborne and flipped our Tahoe at least 3 times. He was able to unbuckle and get out by himself. We were very blessed God truly had His hand on him that day. While at the hospital it caused our son to have flashbacks. When he has flashbacks it takes a lot out of him. If they are bad enough sometimes it takes several days for him to be himself again.

June the first we got a phone call and my husband’s nephew hung himself… was devastating to all of us. Again this caused more flashbacks for our son…..Oh how I wish I could take away his past. Take away all of the pain and the hurt…’s one thing for him to have been abused but for him to have to relive it really makes me mad. I teach him to forgive because I don’t want him to have bitterness in his heart….I want him to always be kind and have compassion. In July my husband lost a good friend in an accident………this is the first time our son had a blockage. He was really sick and we were really worried about him…..he said the good thing about being sick was that he wasn’t getting in trouble. He was being really good. At first they thought he was going to have to have surgery but lots of prayers and medicine it passed.

In August things took another turn in the wrong direction. My husband’s cell phone showed that the internet was running in the background so they arrested him and charged him with manslaughter and 2 accounts of 2nd degree battery…….God is helping us through but it did cause our kids to regress, but through this it has helped our kids to heal. Our oldest daughter had no empathy, no remorse……now has both. I believe when she realized how close she came to losing her dad it woke her up and made her realize how much she loves us. Our oldest we talked and he decided to open up to me more and share more of the flashbacks. We would talk about them and then we would pray. He had more flashbacks last year than he has had the whole 13 years that he has been with us, but now they have all but stopped. My husband had his pre-trial at the beginning of this month so I am sure that is what has caused him to get sick again. This has been a lot for us to handle much less someone so young…… the good news is he should be fine in a few days………

And an added note please make sure you always turn your cell phone off if it is a smart phone while driving if you are by your self……



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