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It’s up to us to make our life good or bad

It's up to us to make our life good or bad

with me. After all he will be great in front of people.

I know there are times that I just want to cry all the time. I have no energy. BUT if we can get joy back in our lives and let it build find a way that you can go out or have friends over. Try to find something that you enjoy doing and find a away to make that happen again. It’s getting close to time to make our New Years resolution again. Why don’t we step out there and make one that can make our life good again. It doesn’t have to be bad. At least not all the time.



For starters, Martha Stewart, my kids decorated the Christmas tree like they do each year. It’s not perfect like yours but certainly has a lot of character. And our Santa is the best!

Let me tell you more.

Those two drawers in the guest bathroom? They’re full of underwear, so my sons always know where to find a clean pair.

The pool table in the living room – well, no other room was large enough. And, boy, do my sons love to play, especially after finishing their breakfast.

My cars haven’t been inside for years because the garage serves as a revolving film set for their most creative work. You’ll have to catch the episodes on YouTube and see how they turn “practically anything into something useful.” I stole that line from you.

The formal dining room? That’s now our library with the most comfortable, 22-year-old sofa anywhere. It’s a wonderful place to read a good book and watch the birds in the backyard trees.

You see, we maximize every inch of our space for function and really don’t have any rooms for show. I hope you understand and won’t judge.

After all, this house is our home – and we love it. DCP

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This entry was posted on December 17, 2013.

No empathy????

No empathy????

As parents that have children that have little to zero empathy we long to see the tears that show that they finally have some, but at the same time we don’t want them to hurt. So that makes it hard on our hearts.

Our 13 oops today is her birthday so she is now 14. She had zero empathy. She would point and laugh at people that got hurt or was in a wheelchair. She thought it was funny when someone else was upset over something.

She finally has empathy. Even though I know she is hurting it still brings a smile to my face knowing that she cares. Our pastor asked her to sing a song at church and afterwards he went on and on about her singing. The following week he passed away. A few weeks later we were at home singing and the song that she sung that morning came on and she just started crying and our youngest daughter started crying. Not only did Sarah have empathy but she held Miah. A few years ago she would have just laughed at her for crying but she took her in her arms and held her.

In some ways this picture breaks my heart, but in other ways it makes me smile. No one wants their kids to have a broken heart, but more than not wanting them to have a broken heart we as parents don’t want them to have no feelings.

I am so proud of Sarah and how far she come………


I’ve got the blues……well for one day anyway

I’ve got the blues….I’ve got the blues……I’ve got the I am so tired of the drama blues…… LOL ok I don’t have them today but I did Monday……I couldn’t stop crying long enough to post. Our 10 year old is really difficult to deal with right now. Our kids got to sing Christmas Carols at Wal-Mart Saturday and he said I don’t want to sing with y’all this Saturday so I said ok you don’t have to and he starts screaming and cussing and spitting saying he wants too……so is it the weather…..the holidays……or is it a hundred other things? This is only one example of how silly his fits are right now…….

He was only 2 & 1/2 when he came to live with us. We have no ideal what most of his triggers are but he sure has decided to start pushing us away again. I am choosing to take this as a good sign and that he is starting to bond more. I have to say I was ready to give up on Monday. Thankfully a little prayer times gives me that extra boost that I need to go another day.

I would love to hear from any of you that are RAD survivors to share insight with me……… He really should be in a rtc but I know that won’t help him unless we find one that specializes in RAD and he is going to heal……..