Brotherly love………

Each day that I get up is a new day. I love starting new. No problems with the kids from yesterday. Everyone is happy and in a good mood…wait ….stop…wake up you’re dreaming again. Oh yes I do tend to dream. Since we adopted children with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) our days run together. Sometimes months run together without a break.

Our kids have been doing good but every now and then we just have one of those days. Yes today was one of those……We get up I made the mistake of going to the bathroom and the kids were in my bedroom and one decided to jump off the bed and his nose landed on his brother’s knee which resulted in enough blood that I was afraid that we were going to be taking a trip to the ER. Thankfully the bleeding stopped and he was fine.

Once I got everyone settled I told our 9 year old to sit down for a few minutes because he wasn’t sitting down like I told him to do and that was all it took for him to start screaming and saying that he was going to kill us and telling me to shut up. He started pounding his chest and telling Jesus to get out that he didn’t want Him in his heart. I messaged a couple of friends and we prayed and he stopped. I asked him what all of that was about and he said that he hurt his brother. I told him that yes if he had of been sitting where I told him to sit that it wouldn’t have happened, but that his brother shouldn’t have jumped off of the bed.

When you parent traumatized kids you never know from one second to the next if you are going to have an explosive situation on your hands. It takes a lot to remain calm when your child is telling you to shut up and saying many other things that your ears may have been protected from until you got your child. The Lord has been my strength many times. I give Him thanks for helping us through the hard times.

When the boys first came to live with us he was very protective of his younger brother. He was only 2 1/2 and his brother was 17 months. They were in another county before we got them and went to the Easter Seal’s school. They told me that he would stuff food in his pockets and when they would try to take it from him he would scream and say “no, Bubba”. When we would be feeding them a meal he would scream and scream until his bubba had his food and drink. Over the years that stopped and he wasn’t worried about anyone but himself. Now I sit here crying realizing that he didn’t protect him today, he thought he had hurt him. When he saw how bad his nose was bleeding it scared him and he thought it was all his fault. So as much as they fight EVERYDAY he really loves him…………


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