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Awareness for Everything – Except RAD


I get Facebook popups about different awareness groups all the time.  Autism awareness, Down Syndrome, seems like every other day there’s a new group, syndrome, disease or illness that has an awareness group.  People are pretty aware of autism now.  The kid may look perfectly normal, may seem normal to you, but when you are on the playground and suddenly that kid slaps another kid, the mother murmurs, “He’s on the spectrum.”  (And that’s supposed to make it all ok for the kid who was slapped?)  But, it’s accepted, and no longer questioned as bad parenting.  Good or bad, is not for me to say.  Autism awareness seems to have been made pretty well, at least in the USA.

Same scenario, same two kids, same two mothers sitting on the park bench.  This time, the kid slaps the other kid, and his mother says and does nothing.  You are aghast…

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