My poor baby is sick……

Today our oldest son is sick. Last July he had a blockage in the upper part of his colon, and was really sick for a few weeks. After a trip to the gastro doctor they said he had a lazy colon. He hasn’t had a problem since that time until last week.

I worry about him when he is just laying around and especially when he is being quite. He don’t complain about anything when he is hurt because his pain tolerance is high. That is one thing that children with RAD do. They turn off their pain receptors so when something is causing him this much discomfort I wonder how bad it must be.

When he was in the 4th grade I had decided that year he was at a new school and I wasn’t going to share everything with them. One day when I picked him up from school I was driving through the circle and he said I had to go to the nurses office today because I bit my tongue. I said oh that must have hurt let me see. So he stuck out his tongue and there was still a little blood on it and I said ouch and turned back to go. Then I thought as I always have over the years who this was  so I stopped and turned around and said let me see again. This time when he stuck out his tongue it was split open about an inch long and it was completely through in one place. I pulled back around so I could stop and find out what happened. He was playing soccer at recess and the ball was coming towards him and bless his heart he’s just like me when we are thinking hard about something we stick our tongue out and as he was about to catch the ball another child tried to kick it but missed and kicked him in his chin. The only reason that he went to the nurses office was because another child told a teacher. The school nurse just told him to rinse his mouth out with salt water and sent him back to class. His shirt was red so no one saw that there was blood all over it. To him it was no big deal. I would have just about died.

Children with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) are so amazing. Yes they make our lives unbearable at times yet they bring so much joy. Looking at our kids today almost brings me to tears because I am so proud of them. They have overcame many obstacles and have many more to go but He’s still working on them to make them exactly what He wants them to be……


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