Cover me with peace

Cover me with peace

Parenting our children we usually face new challenges each day. Many times I know my nerves get really frazzled…….we have to be on constant watch. That takes a lot of energy …LOL… I’m not talking about the rages that get really bad I’m talking about the more calm days ….when they pee in a milk jug or pee in the litter box…. or take the chicken bones left from supper so they can finish eating them…..or eat the cat food….. I know that you all know that the list can go on and on with all of the craziness. These are things that can drive us over the edge but the next day we can laugh about it. I saw this prayer yesterday and thought it was good so I wanted to share it with you……

Dear God,
Please blanket my heart heart with your peace and give me strength for today. Amen……

I need a king size blanket lol I have 6 kids and 4 of them have RAD ……


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