Don’t be to quick to judge ……….

As I sit here listening to my 9 year old son yell about how mean I am and how he isn’t going to do what I say and he doesn’t care and on and on. I was reading on my facebook about a mom going without sleep because her daughter has ran away and is missing.

So many times we have been judged and told that if we don’t love our children then let someone else raise them. Does a parent that don’t love their child go days without sleeping because they DON’T love their child ….. of course not ….. does a parent continue to be verbally and physically abused by their child because they DON’T love them……..of course not.

Parenting is not about being fair. It is about giving what each of your children need to help them to be successful. If I allow a couple of our kids internet access then it is going to do more harm but I have a child that is allowed to have access yet I have been judged harshly for not allowing the others to have phones or to be on the computer.

Our children can pour on the charm and appear to be the best kids ever but as their parents many times we see a complete different child. So please before you judge so harshly when you see parents that seem to treat one child different than the others take a minute and ask how they are at home. It doesn’t have to just be kids that have reactive attachment disorder it can be Autism or any other special needs.

Help us help our children to succeed. When you side with them before you know the whole story you are empowering our children and it keeps them from healing.



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