How we help our kids after losing their only safe place

My heart is heavy after last nights destruction from the tornadoes ……..they hit close to us and today we have learned that my husband’s co-worker lost his home and they can’t find the company truck. We also have friends that had connections with other ones that have lost their homes and even some that lost their lives and this brings it closer to home.

Our home is a safe place for our kids. They feel safe at home while other places they are sometimes unsure. Especially our daughter right now since she has had so many repressed memories to come out. This lead me to think about these families that lost their homes and if they already have traumatized kids and how this would affect them.

Of course when they are affected it then affects the whole family. What steps can we take in the event this happens to make it easier for our kids? What can we do when we are under tornado warnings and they have the fear that they may lose their only truly safe place?

I am sitting here thinking that maybe I need to rethink about what we grab when we go to our storm shelter……I have some important papers and things in a box when we are preparing we take that box to the shelter….of course we get other things like water, snacks, flashlights, laptop, phones…….but now I am thinking that we need to think of the kids and if they have a favorite blanket or a stuffed animal or if they have something that is important to them……maybe these things aren’t what we would think as being important but just maybe just maybe they might really help our kids……. sometimes it’s the little things that helps us get over a hurdle……..

What do you think??????



8 thoughts on “How we help our kids after losing their only safe place

  1. I think it is great that you will add some more precious memento’s to the box. I would like to suggest doing a project with the kids about “who” makes us safe and that materials don’t last a lifetime but family does, love does, our memories do. That no matter what happens to the house, the car, the trees, what you do have is each other. And if there is ever a loss, what remains in continuing the legacy that they left behind so that they will be remembered forever. You can make a storybook and have them draw in the pages of the book so that they can read and look at it every day. Make a copy too, to add to the shelter box. It’s something to think about.

  2. When I was younger, my parents had my siblings and I come up with two things that we would grab to take to the safe room with us (gotta love growing up in tornado alley). It really helped to have a plan in place and I always took my favorite stuffed animal and my violin.

  3. I have a few ags ready incase of emergency, and I think it is important to also have something that comforts your children as well. Great post im now following you

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