A hole in the wall………..

A hole in the wall...........

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I always try to post something positive on here because we have so much negative in our lives as it is and we want to lift y’all up and encourage you. We still have our struggles even with all of the good so today I am going to give you a glimpse of one of our struggles. I know that it is going to improve. So you can follow me on our journey with our 10 year old……..

Jordan came two live with us when he was only 2 and a half years old. We were his 5th placement in 5 months. He was a head banger, he would bite himself, scratch and pinch himself and pull his hair out……

When he was in the first grade his behavior was worse. He was put in the behavior class and from there we put him in UAMS Children’s Diagnostic Center which was a 10-15 day program where they take them completely off their meds and dx them……they never got him completely off his meds and he was there for 45 days and left a team of doctors and therapists shaking their heads. Of course that made him worse. He was sent to the intensive behavior school. Which made him worse. He was 6 years old and I was looking for a rtc because I couldn’t handle him.

When school got out his behavior completely changed. So I decided to homeschool him. He didn’t even know his ABC’s because he was in a constant rage…..homeschooling has gone great. He stopped raging. Until…….my husband had his wreck 2 years later……and leaving him he regressed…..as it went on he regressed more and more……

So here we are two years later…..issues with the wreck are over and I know longer have to leave him. He has improved a little but is still very violent and destructive. The hole in the wall is because I was busy and he wasn’t minding so I put him in his room and turned the alarm on so we would know if he came out….so the hole was so he wouldn’t set the alarm off……

So here we go……looking forward to the day I can say he has healed like our oldest son Frankie……



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