Heart of ice…….

A heart of ice is exactly how our daughters heart was. It was hard and cold. She didn’t care about anyone or anything. Nothing mattered to her. It didn’t seem like we would ever break through. 


Is this how your child’s heart is? The holidays are always hard for our kids. So many memories and triggers. Hopefully most of us can take a deep breath now. 


Our daughters heart isn’t like this any more. It’s tender. She finally allowed us in. Holidays are still hard on her but she doesn’t rage like she used to. There was a time when I almost gave up …..I felt like I had lost. Praise God we didn’t give up. She has turned into a beautiful young lady that loves the Lord and of course us. 


If your child has a heart of ice don’t lose hope ….. it can thaw and your child can love you. 



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