Daily struggles

As I am sitting here trying to think of something really inspiring to say….hahahaha ok those that know me can stop laughing now. My heart is full and is at peace knowing that this too shall pass. As we go through our daily struggles sometimes it is really easy to lose our focus on things around us. Years ago when we were youth leaders in a church I took a white poster board and took a black marker and put a small black dot on it. I then asked what they saw on the poster board and no one saw the all of the white on it they only saw the black. I realize that when dealing with our children’s behavior’s that on a good day that black mark is much bigger than a little dot, but is that all we see? Can we not open our eyes just a little bit wider and see even a little bit of white? Maybe you can’t find that white in your child that has RAD on some days but what about other things in your life? Can you look really hard and find a little white that can help you keep going just one more day?

I just thought of this and I am going to do it. I am going to start writing down on a small strip of paper every time the kids does something good and then when it is just a really bad day or bad moment draw a slip of paper out and read it……. I think it will remind me of the good times and that there is hope. I am thankful that we have many more good times than bad times now.



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