As I was outside playing with the kids the sun would shine so bright and then it would hide behind the clouds. Of course I was enjoying the times that it hid behind them but as I was watching I was thinking that it was like our kids………Oh my goodness I have some very bright little suns but, they tend to hide behind the storm clouds that life dealt them.

Just when they start peeking through the clouds of life another front comes through and covers them again. With our kids we have had them to come out and shine so bright but what happens? What causes the storm clouds to come? Was it something they saw? Or something they heard? Maybe a smell? Or even a touch……something  that seems so simple causes so much pain and they run back behind that cloud.

Just like the sun will shine again even though at times it seems like it will never come back out our kids will break through those clouds and shine brighter than ever………Image


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