Reactive Attachment Disorder ……..What is it? Do you know? Please take time to learn about this disorder…….it could save a life…..are you a doctor? you need to know….are you a pastor? you need to know…..are you a teacher? a therapist? a case worker? children’s church pastor? daycare worker? psychiatrist? judge? lawyer? an aunt or uncle? grandparent? yes pretty much everyone needs to know…..

Having adopted 4 children with this disorder we were clueless. I had to learn on my own. Thankfully when I did learn our kids were still young and our teen wasn’t severe and we know how to pray…..our kids have healed a lot…..

Friday night one of my friends that is in a support group for RAD was murdered……they believe by her daughter……this could have been our family a few years ago. Many didn’t believe us…… we were told by our daughter that she was going to kill us and we found knives in her room……I know that she could have done it…. Families with children with RAD often live two lives one that everyone sees and one that is hidden….no one understands why these parents are so strict on precious little Sally or Johnny……wow their parents are mean….I could go on and on but the message here is that these kids can heal……but the younger they are the better their chances are at healing…..If I told you my child was diabetic you wouldn’t think I was unfair because I didn’t let them have any sugar but did their sibling…..yet we have to parent these kids different and we are unfair……we have many things that we are working on to raise awareness about this disorder…..we have things that we are doing to try to prevent it…..

This isn’t just for adopted children….any child that was sick a lot during their first year of life can develop RAD….parents that moved a lot in the military…..single mom that had many different people looking after their child……

Please become educated….help us save the life of a child… us save a family from being destroyed…….Please I will help you learn…..

please visit our new website…..if you look under child histories our oldest son Frankie is the 2nd one……


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