Pressing in………

I am so excited about going to church……the Lord has really been moving in our services. It’s always so refreshing to feel His anointing flowing in the service….So we were having a weekend revival and Thurs or Fri I told the kids that I couldn’t wait for church on Sat night. Our kids asked why and I said because God is moving  and our 6 yr old daughter said “God is moving? Where is He moving to” I said He’s moving in our church. So after church on Sunday our 8 year old said mom I thought God was moving in our church? I thought we would see Him……I said didn’t you feel Him…..

I learned a long time ago back in the stone age….ok not quite that far but I was a teenager. I was with my best friend and we saw someone that went to our church and they had missed that Sunday and we told him that we missed him and I said we had a really good service and my friend looked at me and said “We did?” So I learned that day that two people can be in the same service and feel different things. We have to press in if we want to receive something from the Lord. He’s not going to just knock us on the head. He probably should some of us. I know there have been times that I deserved a good clunk on the head.

So what is different about church now than it was just last month? I’ve changed…..that’s what is different. I don’t go to church just because I know I need to …..I go EXPECTING……wow what a difference that makes. We decided this year that we are going to grow closer to the Lord so we are pressing in. When we get to church we are ready to receive. We don’t have to pray and worship in order to have our mind on Him ….we are ready!

Now I understand that when you have kids that have RAD or other issues that some mornings by the time you make it to church you have already fought a battle or two or in our case sometimes three or four. I wish I had an answer for that but I can tell you  I survived it. Those days are a memory. Thank the Lord!

James 4:8 – Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Press in and He will be there….He will help you ………Don’t try to do it alone……


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