I was reflecting today on our kid’s accomplishments. I am so proud of them. I was talking to another parent and I just looked at my kids and started smiling. Are we through all of the hard times with them? No, but they have made so much progress. I was thinking about our oldest and I get tears in my eyes. When we first got called about him on May of ’99 I was at the lowest point thinking we may never have any kids. I was so excited I asked the case worker how many other families they were looking at for him and she said none we picked your family. We started calling him every night. He had an awesome foster mom and she prepared him to come to live with us. She sent me a picture with him holding up a sign that said Arkansas or Bust……

One night as we were talking she asked me if they filled me in about his past and I said no that the only thing I knew was that he has psychosocial dwarfism. As she began telling me the things that he went through my hands started shaking uncontrollably. It is hard to believe that a child could survive so much abuse from being born addicted to drugs to being kept in a cage. Medical records says tortured to many scars to count…..scars from the top of his head to the souls of his feet and even inside of his mouth. He has had a fractured skull, broken arm, leg, and ribs. The list goes on and on. He is a survivor!

At the age of 5 he was DX’d as being severely retarded and the school recommended that we wait a year before putting him in Kindergarten. I wanted to go a head and let him start and if he couldn’t handle it then pull him out so they agreed. Not only did he do just fine but by the end of first grade he tested on his level on everything. The only thing he needed was speech.

Because of his abuse he has reactive attachment disorder (RAD), ODD, ADHD, PTSD, and childhood sexual abuse. Although we have gone through a lot with him he has healed a lot.The Lord has had His hand on his life from the time he was in his mother’s womb. I am thankful that he is serving the  Lord with all of his heart not just part of it. He believes that God has called him to the ministry. I know that God has got great things for him to do. He is going to take what was bad in his life and use it to give God all of the glory.


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